Greenwich Condominium


Central West End

Saint Louis, Missouri







Declaration and Bylaws (including Amendments 6 & 7 and assignment of parking spaces) Searchable PDF file


Guide to the Greenwich (includes general information as well as rules and regulations not contained in the Declaration and Bylaws) PDF file


Leasing Regulations PDF file

Please note: A leased Unit shall be defined as the Unit that is not occupied by the Unit Owner but is occupied by other individuals; the vacant Unit shall not be considered to be a leased Unit. In other words, for non-vacant Units, at least one person who is listed on the general warranty deed must be the primary, full-time occupant of the Unit---or the unit will be considered a leased Unit. For example, parents who wish to buy a Unit for a child but who do not plan to occupy the Unit themselves must list the child's name on the deed---or the Unit will be considered to be a leased Unit.


Specifications for replacement of front balcony doors PDF file


Approved storm door model for rear entrances PDF file